On My Free Time

I enjoy playing sports, photography, and traveling. I am passionate about new technology in education, healthcare, and transportation. Here is some other stuff that keeps me busy:


I had the chace to TA for the CS189: Introduction to Machine Learning course at Berkeley. Teaching helped me broaden my own knowledge and understand the difficulties that people face when trying to learn about machine learning. Now more than ever, I believe it is important for budding computer scientists to have a sound understanding of common machine learning techniques. Below are some materials from the Spring 2016 offering of the course:

Work Experience

The past few summers, I've had the opportunity to be a part of internship programs at two great companies: Informatica Corporation and Microsoft Corporation. Here are some highlights from my time at both companies.

Microsoft: Windows Quality Insights Team

At Microsoft, I got a chance to work on the Windows 10 platform and was even part of it's launch. During my time there I worked on machine learning systems to predict failures and execution times for builds within the Windows testing framework. I was able to deploy these predictive systems in Azure, allowing them to scale and automatically incorporate new data.

Informatica: Data Engine Team

At Informatica, I was able to gain exposure to all kinds of Hive and Hadoop technologies, building upon Apache frameworks like Kafka and Storm. My role here focused on optimizing queries for the data transformation tool within the ETL platform, PowerCenter. It was here where I really got excited about big data and large-scale machine learning.